Hi, my name is Islam Morsi. I've put off making my own website and sharing something about myself with the rest of the world. But as they say, better late than never.

I am a (web/mobile) developer but I think it's weird when people define themselves as their occupation. So let me rephrase by saying that I create websites and mobile apps. I also travel, weightlift, read, practice Muay Thai, volunteer, scuba dive, and dabble in various other things.

My first experience with programming was in a high school Computer Science class when I was 13 years old. I continued to study CS throughout high school and eventually at the beautiful University of California Santa Barbara campus. Santa Barbara was also where I was introduced to hiking, camping, and my first traveling experience (besides coming to the U.S from Egypt) through a program called Semester at Sea. All of these things define who I am today.

Coding to me is about being creative, problem solving (which can be a creative endeavour in itself), and being efficient/practical. This translates into almost everything I do.


  1. I like the time boxing app, but it will not sync with my google accounts. I think it looks very promising though.

  2. Just started using Do Now. Its great. I used to sit down each night and figure out the chores I wanted to do the next day and try to keep this in my head. Apps like Wunderlist made me punch in start times and end times for a task and that was difficult and annoying to change.

    Do Now lets me figure out whether I have time to do the work in the day and the order I’ll do the jobs.

    It would be great if each task was represented by a box which was as long as the time budgeted to do it. If the days tasks were then displayed on a sidebar against a day or week, I could drag and drop them onto the calendar. I could even have presets for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This way, I could plan my day and restructure it without a hassle

  3. Hello! It is a great app, would you consider updating it or adding some additional features any time soon? I really want to know, It could be the best app ever, truly. When you break a task into smaller segments, let’s say 5 minute periods, It works magic but doesn’t have a pc integration to work with and it needs some resolution management options. I would love to hear from you! Thanks.

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